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Our comprehensive app is designed to support every aspect of your fitness, whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in the game for a while.

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    With over 70+ workouts added PER MONTH, there’s no shortage of things to try.

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    Monitor your fitness journey, motivate yourself and track progress with the app, as well as building positive habits.

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Our recipe library features of 400+ meals, to suit all dietary preference. Say NO to restrictive diets and lacklustre lunches with the Courtney Black app.

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Explore personalised fitness plans tailored to your goals, alongside DAILY uploads of real time workouts.

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    We offer workouts you can do from home, including low impact and no-equipment classes.

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    Follow our carefully constructed gym plans to get the most out of your membership.

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    The app features form guides and a wealth of exercise videos to help you learn as you train.

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    Workout alongside your favourite trainers with Real Time Challenges.

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Beginner to intermediate

Courtney is your master trainer here on the Courtney Black Fitness App and has so far helped tens of thousands of people change their lives through her workouts and plans. Courtney has a love for all different kinds of workouts, so you can find her doing HIIT, boxing, weights, conditioning and so many other styles of classes on the app!


Beginner to intermediate

Frilly is from a gymnastics and professional dance background, but after a career ending injury, Frilly found a new passion for yoga and has been teaching ever since. Frilly is also qualified in hypnobirthing and pre/post natal yoga.


Beginner to intermediate

Jay spent his younger years playing all kinds of sports; football, kickboxing, gymnastics, trampolining included! After trying all sorts of jobs, he rediscovered his love for fitness in 2008 and has been Personal Training ever since. Jay has competed in physique competitions and now runs his own PT studio.


Beginner to intermediate

Mum of 2 Rachel comes from a sporting background, training throughout both pregnancies. Rachel’s goal is to help mums feel strong and confident throughout every stage of their pregnancy. Rachel is passionate about changing the way mums see themselves through this lifestyle change, helping to love the skin they are in.


Beginner to intermediate

After experiencing a difficult relationship with food when she was younger, Sarah found fitness and it changed her life. Fitness gave Sarah the balance in her training and diet, helping her identify food as her friend and the fuel needed to smash her workouts. Sarah enjoys HIIT training and marathon running!

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Goals & Tracking

We use state of the art health tracking to help you build positive habits, and work towards achieving your fitness goals.

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